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-Review- Blindside Drop - The Otherside EP

Blindside Drop
From: Lexington, KY
Sounds like: Rock

Kentucky based rock band Blindside Drop released this EP a few months back and it shows a very strong sense of potential. "Lullaby" kicks off "The Otherside" EP with a nice driving guitar riff then breaks into a haunting melodic section. The sound expressed on the track is comparable to early Halestorm. "The Otherside" track has strong radio appeal. The chorus and bridge on the track are strong enough to set the foundation of a sure radio hit. The vocals really shine on the track. The last track is their cover of The Eurythmics hit "Sweet Dreams". They nail the cover perfectly. Everything works on the song to make it their own rendition and to have it still hard hitting.


The EP is only three songs and about 12 minutes. There's a lot to like here including great instrumentation, awesome female lead vocals, and a brand of rock that is truly Blindside Drop's own sound. An extremely good EP from the band that really shows their skill set.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

ALBUM RELEASE - Faith In Jane - The Words Of Evil Men

Faith In Jane
From: Thurmont, MD
Sounds like: Doom Metal

ALBUM RELEASE - Blindside Drop - The Otherside EP

Blindside Drop
From: Lexington, KY
Sounds like: Rock

Sunday, April 20, 2014

-Review- The Beauty In Her Eyes - Higher Consciousness EP

The Beauty In Her Eyes
From: Bloomington, IL
Sounds like: Metalcore

The Beauty In Her Eyes is a young band from Bloomington, IL looking to take the bull by the horns in the metalcore scene. The opener "Evoke:Invoke" is a minute and a half intro that builds up the ambiance only to turn into a crunchy breakdown. We can definitely see this track as the intro to their live show as well to pull some people in and get the crowd moving. "Martyrs & Mirrors" brings to mind early I Killed The Prom Queen/Confession type aggression and breakdowns. The melodic guitars and chorus brings out the softer but still heavy side of the song. There's no clean singing on the track and is fueled by its barrage of breakdowns. "It's Hard To Be A King In A One Horse Town" kicks in heavy and keeps on the jugular throughout. The chorus has a nice The Ghost Inside type melody to it and brings the song together nicely. The end breakdown is just crazy good. "The Butterfly Effect" is the longest track on the EP as it clocks in at over five minutes. The instrumentation on this track is spectacular as it's a very epic song. The track brings to mind an 7 Angels 7 Plagues/Misery Signals vibe and really has a lot contained within. The EP closes nicely with the track "Once For The Second Time". The track is solid and wraps up things tight.


With this EP being only 19 minutes long, there's a lot to like and look forward to. The Beauty In Her Eyes will only be evolving and maturing their sound to make it even more fierce than it is now. It's scary heavy. It's scary good. Metalcore scene you should be scared. The Beauty In Her Eyes are ready to launch their sound your way and lay waste of anyone in their path.

Friday, April 18, 2014

-Interview- Cause Of Affliction (4/18/14)

Cause Of Affliction
From: Wilkes Barre, PA
Sounds like: Hard rock/metal

1. How did the band come together and form? Who thought of the name “Cause Of Affliction” and is there any meaning behind it?

Cause of Affliction was formed in September of 2011 by Bassist Matt Van Fleet and Guitarist Bill Tobin. After several failed attempts in auditioning drummers, Matt decided to ask his close friend Mandy Touch even though she was practically a beginner. Although she didn’t have the most impressive chops, she made up for it in determination and reliability which gained her an official spot in the band. After only a few short months, Matt, Mandy, and Billy wrote 12 songs, but still could not find the right person to fill the vocal position and compliment their unique sound. In February of 2012, CoA was asked to play their first gig. Despite the small setback of still not having a good set of vox, they accepted the gig and played their first show as an instrumental 3-piece. Following their first gig, the trio continued to play out instrumentally in hopes of finding the last piece to their rockin’ puzzle. Finally after over 20 gigs and a dozen auditions, in June of 2012 they found the lungs they were looking for. With the addition of Gary Edrington as their frontman, the beast known as Cause of Affliction was finally in its final and most powerful form. Gary quickly wrote lyrics to the instrumental songs Matt, Mandy and Billy had laid out and they have continued to play out on a regular basis and have been writing new material as a whole since then.
The name Cause of Affliction was thought of by drummer Mandy Touch and is biblical based. Without going into too much detail, it basically means we are all afflicted in some way, shape or form. Whether it is emotional, physical or mental, all of our afflictions have specific causes and we all have our own ways of dealing with and overcoming them.

2. What do you want listeners to take away from the "Freedom Is A Lie" album? How has reception to it been thus far?

As musicians/songwriters, we know our limits. Instead of trying to be the fastest, or the most technical band out there, we stay true to ourselves and don’t follow any trends. As a result of this, we write solid, high-quality material that blends heavy metal, thrash, nu-metal, hard rock, funk, and hardcore. Lyrically, Gary writes a lot about good and bad experiences endured throughout life. Although our lyrics are written on a personal level, our songs can still be interpreted by each individual listener in their own way.
We have gotten great feedback on our album so far. Most fans have told us that they have not taken it out or their CD player yet.

3. How would you describe your music to the average listener?

Our debut album “Freedom is a Lie” is more on the hard rock side, but with the newer material we are writing, we are leaning more towards the heavier, more metal side of the genre spectrum. The most common feedback that we receive is that our sound is very unique and it is hard to think of other bands to compare us to. The few comparasions that we have gotten are Metallica, Pantera, Biohazard, Machine Head, Godsmack, and Korn.

4. What can people expect from your live show? What are your favorite songs to play live?

Energy, and lots of it! We all have a great amount of passion for what we are doing, and our live show really proves that. We are known for our super energetic live shows which include, but are not limited to, lights, fog, mosh pits, band members jumping in the crowd and walking on the bar, sing-a-longs, and of course, a crowd favorite…”The Keg”. The keg is a metal keg that Gary and fans hit with a baseball bat at certain points in our songs. We've always believed that a live show should be just that; a show. People come out to be entertained, not to watch a band rehearse. We make sure to give the crowd 100% of what we have to offer. Of course things happen live, drummers drop sticks, guitarists hit wrong notes; but if you want perfection, listen to the album. Favorite songs to play live? Our new songs Time To Rise and Halo are awesome, in your face songs. Salami gets great reception and the crowd always gives us something back on that one. We do have so many songs now, so it is difficult for us to decide what songs to put in our set-list.

5. Who are three bands you’d like to tour with?

Only three? (laughs) I guess we will say Alice In Chains, Metallica, and Machine Head.

6. Any crazy show stories?

Unfortunately we do not have any crazy stories so far. We have had a few train wrecks and gear issues during live shows, but every band goes through that.

7. What’s your take on the current state of hard rock/metal?

The musicianship and talent out there is unreal. We do not criticize other bands and genres, but try to learn from them as far as stage shows, musicianship and what elements are used to make a band succesful in their respective genre. Every musician/band is different in their own way. We wish that people in America were as supportive of Metal as they are in say Europe, but we do believe hard rock/metal is on the rise again here. Hopefully the “overly sampled and electronic sounding” music phase everyone seems to be going through will start to dwindle down and people will want to go back to good old fashioned raw sounding music that hard rock/metal is known to provide.

8. What’s the current music scene like there in Pennsylvania both locally and state wide?

Our scene locally is starting to pick-up. It was awesome back around 2000-2001 when bands like Breaking Benjamin, Lifer, Strength For A Reason, Cyphilis (Spitcan) had broke through. People were all about original music then. For about 10 years, it went pretty pretty stale and venues/bars were only having cover bands and playing club music. Now there are a good number of great, solid bands in our area such as The Curse of Sorrow, Behind The Grey, Threatpoint, 3 to Breath, Beyond Fallen, Graces Downfall, A Fire With Friends, Sucker, and that’s just to name a few! The big problem our area has is not the lack of talent, but the lack of actual live music venues. If you want to see a show around here with local acts, you have to go to a bar, which limits our fan base to the 21 and over crowd. Although we don’t mind playing in bars, all ages shows are where its at! We want to play to people that are hungry for music and are going out with the main intention of seeing a show. The majority of the bar crowd wants to hear covers and top 40 songs on the jukebox with the main intention of getting their drink on. That’s why we love playing to the under 21 crowd especially. They are there for the music and they give us back the same amount of energy we give them. We believe our scene is starting to slowly come back, but we need venues that are there for the music, not for the bar sales alone. As far as state wide, it is tough everywhere.

9. What’s your take on legal/illegal music downloading?

We feel that legal downloading sites such as iTunes and Amazon are great ideas not only for the artist, but also the listener. A lot of people may only like a handful of songs by a band, so purchasing a particular song works best for that listener. Also, with the advancements in technology with iPods, iPhones, and Smart Phones, legally downloading songs to your device is more convenient for the listener, while still allowing the artist to benefit from song sales and helping them continue to do what they love. We personally believe that illegal downloading has ruined the music industry. Today, bands make very little profit on CD sales as it is and they have to rely solely on merchandising while on tour. There is so much undiscovered talent because most bands cannot continue to self-fund their business. People complain about ticket and merch prices being too high; however, when you aren't making any money off your songs, you need to make a living somehow. Although serious musicians play because they have a passion for what they do, they also need to be able to handle all the hefty expenses it takes to keep the band a float, just like you would in any other business. A lot of people fail to realize that a band is in fact a business and although we play because we love what we do, we also need to make profit to advance to the next level as an artist, and to be successful. Musicians have bills to pay just like any other working class citizen out there. When you steal off the artist, you are not only taking off the artist, but their families as well. How would you feel if 50-75% of your wages were garnished because someone feels it is their right to take what you've earned. It may sound greedy and selfish, but who is going to work for nothing?

10. What’s next for Cause Of Affliction?

Hopefully get out on a tour soon. We continue to play out not only locally in our area, but regionally as well. We are always writing new material, so we will be in the process of recording our 2nd album within a few short months.

11. Any shoutouts?

We would like to thank all our friends, families, the bands we share the stage with and most importantly, the Afflicted Family, for all they have done and continue to do for us! We would not be able to do what we are doing if it was not for all of you. The amount of faith you have in what we are doing and the support you have given us is really just amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-Review - Mind Over Time - A New Kind Of Romance

Mind Over Time
From: New York City, NY
Sounds like: Alternative/Indie Rock


1. Intermezzo
2. Northstar
3. The Ways You Remind Me
4. Closer
5. The Mirror
6. Shes Evil Bill
7. Farewell Until We Meet Again
8. Coward
9. Low Shoulder
10. Gone
11. Always Forever
12. You're Meant For Me

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Mind Over Time brings to the forefront their multi-faceted style of rock. From the opener "Intermezzo" draws an atmospheric sense of enlightenment. The introduction sets the tone early as it transitions into the single "Northstar". "Northstar" is an amazing radio friendly indie rock track. The track oozes catchy appeal and having it as a single off of the album is a great choice. "The Ways You Remind Me" slows things down a bit but it's still an uplifting track. The guitar work on the track really shines through. "Closer" opens with an almost Foo Fighters riff but then breaks into the Mind Over Time sound. The track really builds and swells into a solid song. "The Mirror" brings keyboards more into the mix and creates very intimate track. "Shes Evil Bill" kicks things back up with a rocking riff and a more uptempo rhythm. The track has hit written all over it and wouldn't be surprised if it was all over radio stations around the world. It does change things up a bit halfway through vocally but you'll have to hear it to believe it. "Farewell Until We Meet Again" has a The Killers vibe to it and keeps the pace rocking full steam ahead. "Coward" is a guitar driven track that is a nice solid track on the album. "Low Shoulder" features fantastic drum work on the track from the opening until the end. The bass and drums really shine on the track perfectly. "Gone" brings back the keys and builds up the track to a nice overall experience. "Always Forever" simply is a great rock track. The track is a true sense of art and even has an atmospheric ending which makes the song pop that much more. The closer "You're Meant For Me" is the longest track on the album but also is the most epic. The track makes for a phenomenal multiple listening experience to pick up on all the little intricacies within. Just the like rest of the album, its very soft on the ears and makes you feel the passion within the music.


Mind Over Time is more than just a rock band. The band brings together their own influences and creates a sound that is uplifting and very fresh to the rock scene. Mind Over Time brings quality into the rock and radio scene.

-Interview- Mind Over Time (4/17/14)

Mind Over Time
From: New York City, NY
Sounds like: Alternative/Indie Rock

1. How did the band come together and form? Who thought of the name “Mind Over Time” and is there any meaning behind it?

Xavier - Wes and I played with the idea of forming a band while we were in college. We jammed a few times with our buddies but nothing really took shape until we returned back from a road trip to Canada. It was then that one of us made the solid suggestion of starting a band. Interpol's japanese b-side "Mind Over Time" was playing on the car radio and somebody, whom of which is still hotly disputed to this day said "you know, If we start a band, We should call it Mind Over Time. BOOM! band name. At first it was a place holder until we formed the final line up but it ended up sticking due to how appropriate it seemed to be. As the years passed by, writing demos, lyrics and fine tuning our sound and instruments, we realized we have given the whole process a lot of attention, time, patience and dedication. Mental stamina over all of the obstacles that seem to challenge us. I'm glad to say we met and climbed every wall head on. Mind Over Time, to me at least, means staying focused no matter how long it takes to achieve a goal.

Wes - It was the strangest thing, There were times when we tried to change the name for something better but just as it was discussed something would happen that lead us to use the name in the situation. Sometimes it just takes to have patience and composure over the situation presented in time. you have to have "Mind Over Time". Musically it works perfect as well.

2. What do you want listeners to take away from the "A New Kind Of Romance" album? How has reception to it been thus far?

Xavier - I hope the listener becomes intrigued and sticks around. So far the reactions have been positive. The single "Northstar", is doing very well on Youtube. At this moment, I believe its passed the 4,000 views mark. We released the video a little over 2 weeks ago. Not too shabby, lol

Heather - The reception has been phenomenal, haven't had any negative responses. This album is something that anyone can relate to, and I hope that people do.

Wes - I hope the listeners take away the potential that is in this bands sound and music. There are so many directions we can go into sonically. I hope they fall in love with our melodic musical stylings as well as our personalities. The reception has been like a dream and the support has been incredible.

3. How would you describe your music to the average listener?

Xavier - Take the synths of the 80's, alternative rock stylings of the 90's, the vocals of the 00's and there you have it.

Heather - It's genuine and its heartfelt, It's very easy to listen to and it's something to put on whatever mood you're in.

Ben - Required listening.

Wes - All of the above and more, everyone in the band has different music tastes, and is always listening to something different from each other. When we come together, everything comes together and those influences become apparent in the music.

4. What can people expect from your live show? What are your favorite songs to play live?

Wes - People can expect a high energy, fun time with everything under the sun. My favorite songs to play live from "A New Kind Of Romance" are "Farewell Until We Meet Again", "The Ways You Remind Me", "Northstar" and "Closer". There are some new songs that we are going to mount to our live show. We love to practice them and think they will be great to play live. So we are definitely excited about that.

Xavier - Even though we haven't played them yet, I have a feeling the next batch of songs we have coming up will be my favorite to perform live. On "A New Kind Of Romance", "The Mirror" and "The Ways You Remind Me" are a few of my favorites.

Ben - Hopefully something that they like and remember the next day (we have all kinds of A.D.D up in NYC). Usually "Northstar" and "The Ways You Remind Me" but, nothing is better than playing fresh new songs which I'm definitely looking forward to.

Heather - "Closer", "She's Evil", "Bill", "Northstar", "Farewell", "Until We Meet Again". I'm excited to try the new ones out as well.

5. Who are three bands you’d like to tour with?

Ben - Brand New because I've got to go with a fellow NY band. U2 because duh! They are the biggest band in the world so even if 90% of the audience hates us we are still get like 500 new fans, and Hasselhoff for sex appeal.

Xavier - Phantogram, White Lies, and Frankie Rose.

Wes - I would love to tour with the Kings Of Leon because we would have great pool games after shows. U2 because they are the biggest band in the world and it would be massive exposure. It would be a dream to tour with them. The 1975 is my third just because I feel their audience would love us and the back stage shenanigans would be great. I know you said three but The Killers are another band that would be a blast to tour with.

6. Any crazy show stories?

Wes - Our first show was nuts, The night started very quiet when we got to the venue and the place was empty but about one hour before our start time we were informed that we had sold out the show. When we got our equipment set up there was no room anywhere for us to play. There were people standing in places they weren't suppose to and I remember having someone on my bass rig during the whole set. It was a lot of fun. Great reception. After the show, we partied with everyone all night.

7. What’s your take on the current state of alternative/indie rock?

Ben - See Coachella/Lollapalooza line ups every year and that's pretty much the state.

Xavier - It's going strong but not through the mainstream sources. This is a positive statement as it means that the mainstream sources are no longer the most used means of music listening. That's awesome! Gives us little guys a chance.

Wes - It's not as strong as it could be but, everything works in circles and when it comes back full swing we will definitely be there to capitalize.

8. What’s the current music scene like there in New York both locally and state wide?

Ben - In the NYC area, it's pretty much the indie/electronic thing going on (The National, Vampire Weekend, Animal Collective, etc). If you look throughout the state there's probably more scattered isolated metal and punk scenes in the burbs (especially Long Island and around Albany).

Wes - Besides what Ben pretty much stated from what we see is that there isn't much of a scene but we are definitely working towards building that up by making friends with like minded bands and building something back up.

9. What’s your take on legal/illegal music downloading?

Heather - It's in the title itself, "Illegal!", I'm not saying that I haven't done it before but it's not right. Music is someones living or means of survival. Creating songs and albums for an artist takes them away from their families, friends, lives, children, etc. so that they can create this and support both themselves and their families with it. When you go on and download it illegally it's just a slap in the face. If you really like the music and the artist, you should go out and spend your money and support them so they can continue to put out great music for your enjoyment. Otherwise we are always going to be overrun by "artists" like Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus.

Ben - I was for it when I was younger and broker but, now that I'm in a band and trying to actually be successful at it; I would totally kick my own ass from 5 years ago.

Xavier - It's happening whether you like it or not and there's not much anyone can do about it. Even if bans, or blocks are put into place, someone will find a way to continue to do it and the method will always spread quickly. The plan of action a band takes on has to include this fact into their strategy.

Wes - I can write a huge book on this subject but, I go with Ben and Heather on this. As an avid collector of vinyl records, I definitely feel you should go out and support. I do love free LEGAL downloading for unreleased stuff, demos and rarities. Music has a value in everyones lives and that's something that should be worth paying for. Look at Wu Tang's latest album. It sold for millions because they only released one copy and feel that music is an art and should be appreciated and valued as such, and I agree wholeheartedly.

10. What’s next for Mind Over Time?

Ben - "The same thing we do every night Pinky…"

Wes - We are working on new material to release in the summer time and are gearing up to play everywhere and anywhere we can. Our ultimate plan is cheesy, but it is world domination.

Xavier - The new material we have been producing as a group is a lot more organic and a real collaborative effort between all of the members. It's great and I really believe that whats coming is going to be excellent. We are also looking to build a strong fan base by playing a lot of shows in the tri-state area as well as expose people to the music. Now that we have a music video for "Northstar" we are using it as a big part of our marketing. New videos are to come soon.

11. Any shoutouts?

Xavier - Jaqi Medlock, Ryan Phillip Thomas, for doing our photos and first music video. All of the independent magazines, internet radio stations, and promo companies that have been helping us out. So many to name , I apologize that there's nothing specific here but you're all in our hearts and minds. Thank you so much.

Ben - Greg Dunn (Moving Mountains), every bar and liquor store, that diner in Poughkeepsie, and The Entourage.

Wes - I would love to give a shout out to my brother Brian, Farrah, Linette, Aki and the Entourage, Abslans Family, Heathers Family, Moe, Kishwar, Billy, Jaqi Medlock and Ryan Phillip Thomas, Beau Hill, Devin, Carlos & Karla, Our boys in And You & I, Signal For Pilot, Doug and the rest of Cerenkov and everyone else whose lend us an ear and listened or have gone to one of our shows. We love you all.

Heather- All of our friends and families for understanding when we have had to bail on things or not be able to show up to things because we were 'working'. And to those same family and friends for coming out and supporting us.

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NEW VIDEO - Mind Over Time - Northstar (2014)

Mind Over Time
From: New York City, NY
Sounds like: Alternative/Indie Rock

NEW VIDEO - Cause Of Affliction - Skid Marks (2014)

Cause Of Affliction
From: Wilkes Barre, PA
Sounds like: Hard Rock/Metal

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SINGLE RELEASE - Devil In Disguise - Swingin

Devil In Disguise
From: Dansbury, CT
Sounds like: Nu Metal